Notation Collection

Here is a  collection of shakuhachi notation, ranging from honkyoku, sankyoku and even some modern.

Other Documents of Interest:

6 Responses to “Notation Collection”

  1. I use to read your blog and noticed after thr WSF in Japan you don’t write, What happens? I am also shakuhachi student with David Sawyer and liked your videos, comments etc.

  2. Dear Shawn,
    Thank you for doing all the work you have done to make this material available to everyone. I have been playing for only a few years, and now that I have developed Parkinson’s I will probably never get to most of these pieces, but I have learned a lot and enjoyed playing using your work.

    Grateful to you, Gyodo

    • Dear James,

      I am very grateful for your note. It is so nice to know that this resource is helping others. It started just as a way for me to keep track of my notation and progress, but have found it has helped others as well which is a wonderful added benefit. Thank you again for your note and for your practice.



  3. Thank you very much for these notations. Unfortunately, a few of them are corrupt and cannot be opened. Can they be re-uploaded? The following don’t work: Azuma no Kyoku; Akita Sugagaki; and Chi-ru chu-ru pattern.

    Thanks again.


  4. Hi. Do you know where I could find notation for Shika No Tone and Honshirabe?
    I’m making a new start to learn to play.

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