Returning to Formal Practice

My shakuhachi has not left my side and playing daily continues to be the norm.  However, due to a job change and relocation my formal training had taken an hiatus.  That being said, I officially started practice again last week with Tamuke.  Still with my same teacher (Jon Johnston), but now over Skype.

The medium is mediocre at best, however my teacher has a good methodology.  He plays the phrase, we play the phrase, I play the phrase.  The only part that is a bit wonky is when we play together because it seems that Skype can only send or receive…but not both, at least not well.  Could be in the settings but that’s an action point I need to check.  We may also try Google+ to see if it is any better.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back training and progressing with this beautiful path.  Deep bows to my fellow shaku-family for their continued support and encouragement.

~ by shards72 on December 27, 2012.

One Response to “Returning to Formal Practice”

  1. Welcome to the Shaku practice, Happy New Year.

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