Equanimity Achieved


Been struggling for the past week or two with a barrage of thoughts and anxiety about going to Japan. The home of the religion I have practiced for the past 7 years, birthplace to my musical passion, home to my wife’s family … so much energy built up . So many expectations. Not able to speak or read Japanese, coupled with travelling to places I’ve never been has brought some anxiety with it.

Getting on the plane and sitting down it all melted away. Realizing it is no different from daily life. Just accepting each experience as it comes. The planning phase is over, now it is time to just experience the trip.

So now is a time of not knowing and just experiencing.

“In arriving there is no abode. In departing there is no destination. Ultimately how is it. Here you are, where you have always been.”

– John Daido Loori : Capping verse of Daowu’s Place of No Birth and No Death.



~ by shards72 on May 23, 2012.

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