Japan Planning

Much of my time has been focused on my trip to Japan that begins tomorrow.   Between planning my accommodations, train routing and schedules while there, it’s been quite an undertaking.  On top of this, I’ve been practicing endlessly the three pieces I’ll be performing with Mujuan dojo.  Having never been to Japan, and not speaking Japanese, there has been a lot of research I’ve been doing.  I owe so very much to Google.  Not only for train routes and schedules, but getting street views to try to identify markers on the way between locations.  I’ve now finalized my schedule which is:

  • May 22: Fly to Narita
  • May 23: Bus to Tsukuba
  • May 24: Treeleaf Shukke Tokudo ceremony
  • May 25: Treeleaf Zazenkai and travel to Nara
  • May 26: Zazenkai and stay at the Soto temple Nan’yoji
  • May 27: Spend day with my zen teacher, Taigu Turlur in Kyoto
  • May 28-31: Shakuhachi Camp in Kyoto
  • June 1-4: World Shakuhachi Festival in Kyoto
    • Performing June 1 @ 13:00 – Mujuan Concert (Mukaiji & Murasaki Reibo)
    • Performing June 1 @ 14:00 – Rocky Summer Camp Concert (TBD)
    • Performing June 1 @ 18:00 – Mujuan Evening Concert (Takiochi)
  • June 5-6: Free tourist time in Kyoto
  • June 7: Travel day back to Tsukuba
  • June 8: Fly back to Dallas

While I don’t have an international data plan, hopefully I’ll be able to find enough wifi spots that I’ll be able to keep up on my travels here.



~ by shards72 on May 21, 2012.

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