Lesson #24 – Sanya Sugagaki

This week Jon and I finished up Sanya Sugagaki.  Since much of the piece is repetition it wasn’t overly complicated to play through.  Jon’s explanations of moving from TSU (kan) to I-Meru (otsu) was somehow initially challenging.  Essentially it came out to be a matter of ‘over-shading’ when moving between the notes.  After that correction the remainder of the piece flowed fairly well.  Several areas of practice came to light with this piece:

  1. Timing.  I need to work on ensuring my timing is accurate, especially since it can be played as a duet.
  2. Shading.  Being careful on the I-Meru and the Chi-Meru’s needs some work.
  3. Softly playing meru notes.  This came up with Kurahashi’s lessons but continues to be an area of focus.

I really enjoyed the rythmic nature of this piece and that it allowed for yuri.  Looking forward to playing it duet with Jon next lesson!




~ by shards72 on February 18, 2012.

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